At RYAN’S AUTOTEK, we are passionate about cars and we are very proud to have the friendship and confidence of our customers. Ryan, owner of Ryan’s Autotek specializes in Hyundai repairs. With fast, professional and personal service, RYAN’S AUTOTEK offers multi-brand repairs and service at reasonable prices.

Why Choose Us:

Hyundai specialist with over 10 years experience, factory trained.

Oil Change

You need the best quality oil of the type and grade that is most appropriate for your vehicle. Ryan's Autotek offers the most extensive range of choices, at the best prices. When it's time for an oil change in Rockland, remember that the friction of normal engine function causes cheaper oils to break down prematurely, leaving your vehicle vulnerable and wasting your money.

Tire Rotation

Today's tire tread patterns, and the introduction of many front-wheel drive cars, have increased the importance of periodical tire rotation. To maintain the direction of rotation, move the tires from front to rear. Depending on tire wear, consider rotating your tires every 5 - 10,000 km.


Today’s cars have an onboard computer diagnostics (OBD) system that continually analyzes the status of the vehicle’s exhaust system, gas tank, transmission and other components. This high-tech system receives information from the various sensors and makes adjustments that enable your car to operate smoothly. It triggers the check engine light if the computer can’t resolve the problem.